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Assault and battery charges have different standards depending on the location. In Florida, assault is a separate charge from battery and is subject to different standards. Battery lawyers can help you learn what these differences are and how they apply to charges in the Key West area. These are serious crimes, so the evidence must meet high standards.

Both assault and battery are defined as intentional torts throughout the country — wrongful, intentional acts. But in Florida, there are further distinctions between the two, as well as their aggravated variants. The Law Offices of Richard Wunsch specializes in untangling and clarifying the various types of assault and battery charges on behalf of our clients.

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Understanding Assault and Battery Charges in Florida

Assault and battery have one major aspect in common: Intent. Both charges hinge on the intentional decision to commit an unlawful act on another person. This connection is why even seasoned assault and battery lawyers often serve clients who have been charged with both at once.

The charged with assault meaning is a threat that causes fear or leads to bodily harm indirectly. Assault has higher standards in some jurisdictions, but in Florida, a threat is enough for an assault charge to be considered by law enforcement. More common definitions of assault also apply in the Key West area, such as making a direct attempt to physically harm someone even if words were not exchanged.

The charged with battery, meaning in Florida, is related to causing direct, unwanted bodily contact. Intentional touching that is offensive or harmful without consent from the victim meets the definition of battery in Key West, FL.

The Role of an Assault and Battery Lawyer

Assault and battery are both serious charges under Florida law. They are also complex, with aggravated variants for both if a deadly weapon is involved. The law is as granular as accounting for whether the victim was pregnant or whether there was potential intent to kill.

Assault and battery lawyers can help you piece together a timeline of the incident. This is crucial for downgrading assault and battery charges from aggravated assault or battery or having them dropped entirely.

Because of the sensitive nature of these crimes, an experienced domestic battery lawyer could help greatly. It takes a careful eye for tone and a career dedication to making sure every client gets a fair trial, to properly defend domestic battery clients.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard Wunsch: Start Building Your Defense Today

Assault and battery lawyers in Key West, Florida don’t all have the same level of experience and expertise. If you need a battery lawyer, or specifically a domestic battery lawyer, the Law Offices of Richard Wunsch have what you’re looking for.

We will review all of the pertinent facts of your case without judgment. Our role is to help our clients no matter which types of battery charges they might be up against.

There is always more to the story of any sensitive legal situation than what law enforcement sees upon arrival. There may be proof that the police didn’t uncover themselves. There could be a strong case for self-defense that wasn’t initially obvious. You might even know that an event did not occur as described and simply need the help of a professional domestic battery lawyer to develop that case on your behalf.

Whatever the situation is, all Key West residents are entitled to and deserve a strenuous defense. Are you facing assault or battery charges in Key West? Turn to the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard Wunsch. For dedicated representation by our team of accomplished, experienced battery lawyers, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Interested in exploring more practice areas? Visit our ‘Practice Areas’ page to discover the full range of services we offer!

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