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Most people don’t think they need a lawyer for a first DUI charge in Florida until after they’re caught. Any DUI in Florida can be complicated. Working with an experienced firm will get you the best possible legal outcome.

Drug Cases

Possession charges can land you in jail as long as the amount you're found with is measurable, even on vacation. When you’re arrested, officers may either exaggerate or downplay your case.

Criminal & non- criminal traffic

Traffic offenses in Florida can arise from numerous situations, including getting too many points under Florida's driving point system, harming another person while driving, or failing to pay for citations.

Battery Cases

Getting a battery charge in the state of Florida can be difficult and depends on the circumstances of your case...unless you hire the right attorney.


Misdemeanor charges vary in penalties depending on the class in Florida At most, a misdemeanor conviction could result in a $1,000 fine and up to 1 year in jail.


The consequences are typically considered to be permanently life-changing in the state of Florida. Felonies can have life altering consequences including the possibility of prison. A large portion of our clientele are able to avoid prison after a felony arrest.

Meet the Team

Attorney Richard Wunsch

Rick was born in Detroit MI. He came to Key West in 1985 on vacation. Rick fell in love with the area and eventually became a resident. Prior to becoming an Attorney, Rick gained local experience in the in the service industry working at different bars and restaurants in the Keys while going to Law School. He graduated in 1995 from the University of Miami. Rick interned and got his first attorney job in the Public Defenders Office. Rick decided to go into private practice and opened a criminal defense firm in Key West in 2000.

Maria Castillo

Maria was born in Esteli, Nicaragua, but spent her time growing up in Key West. She graduated from KWHS in 2006 and obtained her Associates of Arts Degree. She is a certified Paralegal as well as a Notary Public for the firm. Maria is bi-lingual and makes her a valued asset to the community. Her and her husband are local residents and she volunteers with local groups and sports teams with fundraising efforts.

Scott Lawrence

Scott is an Investigator for the firm. He has 40 years of experience in the business community. Scott also has over 32 years in the military and is currently a Reservist in the U.S Navy. Scott has experience with military, family court, security, and law enforcement. His varied background makes him great asset to the team.