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Navigating any legal action can be challenging, especially if you need to be made aware of your rights or need more understanding of the typical details associated with the type of case you are dealing with. These situations can be particularly complex in the Key West area because many types of cases carry harsher penalties in Florida than they might in other states, which means that choosing an experienced defense lawyer who is an expert in local laws and typical procedures can play a significant role in understanding your rights and creating a strong defense. Here are some of the most important things to know about hiring a criminal or non-criminal defense lawyer in the Key West, FL, area and why the Law Offices of Richard Wunsch rank among the best possible choices in town.


What Is a Defense Attorney? 

Criminal and non-criminal defense attorneys play an important role in ensuring that anyone experiencing any type of legal situation is treated within their rights and any relevant details are considered to properly defend their side of an argument to avoid inappropriate outcomes. Experienced attorneys are experts in local, state, and national laws surrounding the specific type of case you are experiencing and how to navigate various flaws within the legal system.


When to Hire a Defense Lawyer 

Hiring a defense lawyer as soon as any type of legal action is taken against you is an important step in ensuring that proper procedures are followed throughout every step of the process and you have as much information about your rights and how to create the best possible outcomes as possible. You have the legal right to avoid speaking with police or anyone else before getting in touch with a lawyer to prevent inadvertently revealing any information that could be used against you, and many people are unaware of their options for negotiating outcomes that are at least partially in their favor. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer ensures you have someone with your best interests in mind involved when working through any legal situation.


What Does a Defense Attorney Do? 

An experienced defense attorney can support you in various ways throughout any legal process to ensure you thoroughly understand what is going on and craft the strongest possible arguments in your favor. Some of the most significant ways choosing the best possible defense attorney can benefit you include:

  • Speaking with police, judges, and other individuals on your behalf
  • Assisting you with understanding and making decisions
  • Asking the right questions to compile as much evidence in your favor as possible
  • Creating the strongest possible defense that includes as many details that support your side of the argument as possible
  • Appealing decisions if you and your lawyer feel that important details have not been properly considered


Law Offices of Richard Wunsch: Your Experienced Criminal & Non-Criminal Defense Lawyer in Key West, FL 

At the Law Offices of Richard Wunsch, we help you work through nearly any legal situation with the lowest possible impact on the rest of your life. Choosing the right Key West non-criminal or criminal defense attorney plays an important role in understanding the details of the circumstances surrounding many types of incidents to ensure the fairest possible outcomes, and our empathetic and experienced team is here to help you build the best possible arguments and minimize penalties. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of choosing us or to schedule an appointment.


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